access to water

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Synonyms: water access

Related terms:
water sector

Broader terms:
sustainable livelihoodsSustainable livelihood includes job opportunities that are of a non-invasive type, and exclude extensive felling, heavy fishery, mono-cultures and other activities than permanently harm the environment; it also includes an lifestyle that takes care of any gives assets, such as fresh water or ...

Narrower terms:
freshwater availability, water stressA country is water stressed if the available freshwater supply relative to water withdrawals acts as an important constraint on development. In global- scale assessments, basins with water stress are often defined as having a per capita water availability below 1,000 m3/yr (based on long-term ..., water scarcity, WASHSafe and sustainable access to water for WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) is a basic human need. Climate change could increase the difficulties experienced in regard to access to water in some parts of the world., riparian rights

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