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Synonyms: batteries, electrical storage devices

Related terms:
decentralized energy, stand-alone systems, stand-alone photovoltaic systemsA stand-alone photovoltaic system works without a connection to the public grid and supplies locally connected loads.Off Grid Photovoltaic Systems are not tied to the grid as a secondary power source., fuel cells types, solar charge controllers, electricity storage technologies

Narrower terms:
lead acid batteriesA lead acid battery consists of a plastic housing, filled up with diluted sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid is an electrolyte; inside the housing the brown positive plates are made of lead dioxide.The negative plates are made of pure lead. Between these plates there are separators which are made of ..., lithium ion accumulatorsThe lithium-ion accumulator uses lithium ions which float between two electrodes and an organic electrolyte. The negative electrolyte consists of graphite and the positive electrolyte consists lithium nickel or lithium cobalt oxides., flow batteries, battery housings, battery plates, pressure accumulators

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