adaptation costs

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Synonyms: costs of adaptation, costs to adapt, coûts de l'adaptation, coûts d'adaptation, costos de adaptación, gastos de adaptación, costos para tareas de adaptación, custos de adaptação, adaptation cost, co�ts de l'adaptation, co�ts d'adaptation, costos de adaptaci�n, gastos de adaptaci�n, costos para tareas de adaptaci�n, custos de adapta��o

Costs of planning, preparing for, facilitating, and implementing adaptation measures, including transition costs (UNFCCC, 2014)

UNFCCC, 2014

Broader terms:
economics of adaptation, economic option costs

Narrower terms:
net costs, mitigation costsMitigation (of disaster risk and disaster) is the lessening of the potential adverse impacts of physical hazards (including those that are human-induced) through actions that reduce hazard, exposure, and vulnerability; mitigation (of climate change) is a human intervention to reduce the sources ..., level of adaptation, amount of adaptation, increasing adaptation costssee adaptation costs in the context of increasing over time or due to reassessment, decreasing adaptation costssee adaptation costs and reference in the context of decreasing over time or due to scenario circumstances, total costs of adaptation, marginal costs of adaptation, sector-specific adaptation costssee adaptation costs and reference in the context of sectors, global adaptation costssee adaptation costs and reference in the global context, assessment of the status quobaseline, monetary indicators

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