adaptation for food security

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Synonyms: Nahrungsmittelsicherheit

A situation that exists when people have secure access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food for normal growth, development and an active and healthy life. Food insecurity may be caused by the unavailability of food, insufficient purchasing power, inappropriate distribution, or inadequate use of food at the household level. (IPCC)

Related terms:
crop yields, crop yield increase, salinationThe accumulation of salts in soils., drinking water storage, livelihood diversificationIncome and livelihood diversification gives people in developing countries new opportunities to work in industries other than such that are contribution to climate change like extensive and illegal felling. It also thought to help a community gain more resilience when dealing with the impacts ..., human population growth, MDG 1: eradicate extreme hunger and povertyWeather-related disasters and water scarcity will further aggravates the problem, and thus the number of malnourished people is expected to increase due to climate change., desertificationDesertification is the degradation of formerly productive land. There are multiple causes and it proceeds at varying rates in different climates. Globally, desertification affects the livelihoods of millions of people who rely on what formerly productive ecosystems provided., water stressA country is water stressed if the available freshwater supply relative to water withdrawals acts as an important constraint on development. In global- scale assessments, basins with water stress are often defined as having a per capita water availability below 1,000 m3/yr (based on long-term ...

Broader terms:
building adaptive capacityBuilding adaptive capacity includes creating the information (research, data collecting and monitoring, awareness raising), supportive social structures (organisational development, working in partnership, institutions), and supportive governance (regulations, legislations, and guidance) that ...

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