adaptive capacity

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Synonyms: capacity to adapt, capacités d'adaptation, capacité à s'adapter, capacidad para adaptarse, habilidad de adaptación, a capacidade de se adaptar, capacit�s d'adaptation, capacit� � s'adapter, habilidad de adaptaci�n

Inherent capacity of a system or population to adjust to climate climate impacts or climate change, to moderate potential damages, exploit opportunities, and cope with the consequences. (UKCIP)
The combination of the strengths, attributes, and resources available to an individual, community, society, or organization that can be used to prepare for and undertake actions to reduce adverse impacts, moderate harm, or exploit beneficial opportunities. (IPCC-SREX, 2014)


Related terms:
community-based adaptationCommunity based adaptation (CBA) can be viewed simply as an additional layer of community based development activities, practices, research and policies. CBA begins by identifying the communities in the developing world that are most vulnerable to climate change. These are generally very poor, ..., ecosystem-based adaptation, climate resilient developmentImplement a holistic climate risk strategy that overcomes barriers and launches fully funded key adaptation initiatives'How can we reach our development targets while accounting for current and future risks?, livelihood assetsLivelihood assets are the means onto which the livelihood of a community depends., livelihood diversificationIncome and livelihood diversification gives people in developing countries new opportunities to work in industries other than such that are contribution to climate change like extensive and illegal felling. It also thought to help a community gain more resilience when dealing with the impacts ..., coping range, capacity building

Broader terms:
adaptation options

Narrower terms:
adaptive social protectionASP includes measures to strengthen resilience of the poorest and most vulnerable people to climate change with elements of social protection, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in programs and projects. (Eldis), participation

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