adaptive social protection

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Synonyms: ASP, Adaptive Social Protection

ASP includes measures to strengthen resilience of the poorest and most vulnerable people to climate change with elements of social protection, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in programs and projects. (Eldis)

Related terms:
disaster risk reductionDenotes both a policy goal or objective, and the strategic and instrumental measures employed for anticipating future disaster risk; reducing existing exposure, hazard, or vulnerability; and improving resilience (IPCC-SREX, 2014).Reduction of the likelihood over a specified time period of severe ..., social development

Broader terms:
adaptive capacityInherent capacity of a system or population to adjust to climate climate impacts or climate change, to moderate potential damages, exploit opportunities, and cope with the consequences. (UKCIP)The combination of the strengths, attributes, and resources available to an individual, community, ...

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