ADB Draft Risk Screening Tool

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Synonyms: sus siglas en inglés, ADB Draft Risk Screening-Tool, sus siglas en ingl�s

The Project Risk Screening Tool is a user-friendly, desk-top (web- and paper-based) risk screening tool pilot. Through reliance on pre-determined impacts, risk factors (tables), and assumptions, this checklist alerts project officers and mission leaders to potential climate-induced and disaster-related impacts and risks, and allows for possible incorporation of risk reduction measures at the project concept/preparation stage. (UNFCCC)

Broader terms:
climate risk screening toolsIn the context of climate risk screening 'tools', 'tools' is used to refer to documents, computer programs, and websites that help people undertake all or some part of a climate risk screening and/or assessment process.(Hammill and Tanner) Most such tools are either offered from donors or NGOs.

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