agricultural economic models

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Synonyms: modelos de economía agrícola, modelos de econom�a agr�cola

Broader terms:
economic modelsA model is a representation of a concept, hypothesis, observed relationships, or even reality. Models may be conceptual, physical, analogue, graphical, quantitative or qualitative, mathematical, equilibrium or dynamic, analytical, simulation, computerised, statistical, stochastic, deterministic, ...

Narrower terms:
IIASA BLS modeling componentIIASA released a first version of the WFS model in 1988 in response to the energy and food crisis of the1980s. The WFS model and its predecessor, the Basic Linked System (BLS), have been calibrated and validated over past time windows. Several applications of the model to international ..., crop water use coefficients, regional water supply coefficients, IIASA World Food SystemThe IIASA World Food System (WFS) provides a framework for analyzing—in annual steps—how much food will be produced and consumed in the world, where it will be produced and consumed, and the trade and financial flows related to such activities. For the purpose of international linkages, the ...

Linked data frontend for agricultural economic models.

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