air preheaters

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Synonyms: air-preheaters, préchauffeurs d´air, pr�chauffeurs d�air

An air-preheater is a device designed to heat air before another process in order to increase thermal efficiency. They are often found in large boilers in thermal power stations producing electric power.

Related terms:
regeneratorsRegenerators preheat the working fluid of a heat cycle before it enters the evaporator and thus save on fuel., economizersAn economizer is a well-engineered device for heat recovery and efficiency maximizing.

Broader terms:
waste heat recoveryThe process of harnessing the heat generated by power plants or industrial machinery, which would otherwise remain unused, in order to alleviate demands on energy generation.Heat recovery: flue-gas heat is used to warm up combustion air. This reduces the total amount of fuel needed.

Narrower terms:
regenerative air preheaters

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