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Synonyms: valoraciones, avaliações, évaluations, appraisal, appraisals, évaluation, herramientas de evaluación, avaliação, avalia��es, �valuations, �valuation, herramientas de evaluaci�n, avalia��o

The process of examining options (and the tools used to do so in an evaulation environment) and assessing their relative merits. It is normally used to describe analysis prior to mplementation. See evaluation. (UKCIP, 2013)

UKCIP, 2013

Broader terms:
cost benefit analysisCost-benefit analysis (CBA). A term used to describe the rigorous and consistent appraisal of the merits associated with each option by quantifying in monetary terms as many costs and benefits as possible, including items for which the market does not provide a satisfactory measure of value. CBA ...

Narrower terms:
cost effectiveness analysisAn assessment that compares the costs associated with alternative ways of achieving a specified objective. The aim is to identify the option that can deliver the objective at least cost. Unlike cost-benefit analysis, the level of benefit is treated as an external given, and the objective of the ..., least cost analysis, threshold analysisA type of cost-effectiveness or cost-utility analysis study in which estimates are made of the maximum costs or minimum benefits that would have to be yielded by a technology if it were to meet a predetermined threshold (minimum for acceptability) incremental cost-effectiveness ratio.

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