automatic active solar trackers

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An automatically active solar tracker uses a sensor to collimate the station towards the optimum power point with help of a sun path diagram and the collimation towards the brightest point on the sky.

Related terms:
ground mountingsGround mounting is used for solar power stations with high performance where modules are spliced on the ground., manual active solar trackersA manual active solar tracker is reclined manually.

Broader terms:
solar trackerActive racks for modules follow the direction of the azimuth and/or the inclination. The rack is fixed on a concrete foundation.

Narrower terms:
single axis solar trackersWith single axles solar trackers the rack for modules rotates around inclined axles which are orientated against north., two axis solar trackersWith two axles solar trackers the rack for modules rotates around horizontal as well as vertical axles.

Linked data frontend for automatic active solar trackers.

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