carbon dioxide

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Synonyms: CO2, Kohlenstoffdioxid

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted in several ways. Naturally through the carbon cycle and through human activities like the burning of fossil fuels. These human activities have increased CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial revolution and these high concentrations of GHG are now contribution to dangerous anthropogenic climate change.

Related terms:
greenhouse effectThe greenhouse effect is the natural process where the atmosphere traps part of the sun's energy, a necessary process to keep the planet warm enough for life as we know it. Today scientists believe an anthropogenic increase in greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide is increasing the effect ..., carbon, global warming potentialAn index, based upon radiative properties of well mixed greenhouse gases, measuring the radiative forcing of a unit mass of a given well mixed greenhouse gas in today's atmosphere integrated over a chosen time horizon, relative to that of carbon dioxide. The GWP represents the combined effect ..., conventional energyConventional energy is contributing to climate change through emission of greenhouse gases. It includes all types of fossil energy.

Broader terms:
greenhouse gas emissionsGreenhouse gas emissions cause dangerous anthropogenic climate change. Emissions include CO2, fluoridated gases, methane which are emitted by human activity such as deforestation and burning fossil fuels, and water vapour.

Narrower terms:
carbon monoxide

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