carbon offsetting systems

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Synonyms: Emissionsausgleich System, Emissionsausgleich Art, Emissionsausgleich Typ

Related terms:
tradable permits

Broader terms:
climate change mitigationMitigation refers to actions that reduce our contribution to the causes of climate change. This means reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), through energy efficiency and using alternative forms of transport and energy.(UKCIP)

Narrower terms:
carbon offsetCarbon offsets are credits to can be used to to compensate greenhouse gas emissions made at one location (like a coal power plant) by GHG emissions saved at another location, such as wind farms which create renewable energy and reduce the need for fossil-fuel powered energy. Carbon offsets are ..., emissions trading systemsThe creation of a market designed to facilitate the buying and selling of the rights to emit greenhouse gases., carbon tradeA system in which Carbon is given an economic value, allowing people, companies or nations to trade it. If a nation bought carbon, it would be buying the rights to burn it, and a nation selling carbon would be giving up its rights to burn it., carbon finance, global carbon market, emission reduction fiscal incentives, carbon capCap and trade is an environmental policy tool that delivers results with a mandatory cap on emissions while providing sources flexibility in how they comply. Successful cap and trade programs reward innovation, efficiency, and early action and provide strict environmental accountability without ..., carbon offsetsalready in reegle but update with this definition: offsets are emission credits (in the form of emission trading or funding of emission-reduction projects) that a company purchases to offset the impact of the studied product’s emissions. Companies typically purchase offsets for one of two ..., carbon marketalready in reegle but keep for thesaurus integration (no need to translate)

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