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A carbon source emits carbon into the atmosphere. Note a carbon sink can turn into a carbon source, like a forest that can absorb carbon as it grows but release it when it burns.

Related terms:
carbon sinksAny process, activity or mechanism which removes carbon from the atmosphere.

Broader terms:
carbon cycleThe term used to describe the flow of carbon (in various forms, e.g. as carbon dioxide) through the atmosphere, ocean, terrestrial biosphere and lithosphere. (IPCC)A natural process remove about half of each year's anthropogenic CO2 emissions from the atmosphere, but it isn't totally understood ...

Narrower terms:
conventional energyConventional energy is contributing to climate change through emission of greenhouse gases. It includes all types of fossil energy., energy intensityEnergy intensity is usually measured as GDP per unit of energy use, and thus describes how much energy an economy needs to produce economic value. For easier comparison of different countries usually the purchasing power parity GDP per kilogram of oil equivalent of energy use is used.

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