climate change as a threat to MDG

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Synonyms: climate change as a threat to millennium development goals, Klimawandel als Bedrohung für die MDG, Klimawandel als Bedrohung f�r die MDG

Some impacts of climate change can have a direct effect on the achievement of the millennium development goals.

how climate change can delay the achievement of the millennium development goals.

Related terms:
indirect impacts of climate changeClimate change will likely raise the already considerable toll of infectious diseases worldwide. This impact is likely to occur because factors such as temperature and rainfall can affect the abundance and distribution of disease vectors or disease-causing microbes, as well as the vulnerability ..., exposure unitsRepresents the system considered to be at risk, and may be defined in terms of geographical extent, location and distribution of a variety population of receptors at risk. (UKCIP), climate justice, maladaptation, sustainable livelihoodsSustainable livelihood includes job opportunities that are of a non-invasive type, and exclude extensive felling, heavy fishery, mono-cultures and other activities than permanently harm the environment; it also includes an lifestyle that takes care of any gives assets, such as fresh water or ..., Millennium Development GoalsA set of time-bound and measurable goals for combating poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, discrimination against women and environmental degradation, agreed at the UN Millennium Summit in 2000. (IPCC), MDG 6: combat diseasesExtreme weather events can negatively affect sanitary situation, for example as people are displaced. Vector- and water-borne diseases, malnutrition, and diarrhoea are expected to grow due to climate change.

Broader terms:
sustainable developmentThe concept of sustainable development was introduced in the World Conservation Strategy (IUCN 1980) and had its roots in the concept of a sustainable society and in the management of renewable resources. Adopted by the WCED in 1987 and by the Rio Conference in 1992 as a process of change in ...

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