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Synonyms: effects of global warming, Klimafolgen, efectos del cambio climático, consecuencias del cambio climático, climate impacts, efectos del cambio clim�tico, consecuencias del cambio clim�tico

Consequences of climate and climate change on natural and human systems. (IIED)
A specific change in a system caused by its exposure to climate change. Impacts may be harmful (threat) or beneficial (opportunity). (UKCIP)

Related terms:
climate change adaptationAdjustments in human and natural systems, in response to actual or expected climate stimuli or their effects, that moderate harm or exploit beneficial opportunities. (IPPC), residual impactsResidual impacts are the impacts of climate change that would occur after adaptation. (IPCC), climate stimuliClimate change stimuli are described in terms of changes in mean climate and climatic hazards, and adaptation may be warranted when either of these changes has significant consequences (Downing et al., 1997)., climate impact research, climate impact chainA climate impact chain (in short: impact chain) is a general representation of how a given climate stimulus propagates through a system of interest via the direct and indirect impacts it entails.(ci:grasp)

Broader terms:
climate changeClimate change is a lasting change in weather patterns over long periods of time. It can be a natural phenomena and and has occurred on Earth even before people inhabited it. Quite different is a current situation that is also referred to as climate change, anthropogenic climate change, or ...

Narrower terms:
climate change impacts Africa, climate change impacts Asia, climate change impacts Latin America, climate change impacts Small Islands States, climate change impacts poles, land loss, climate impacts on agriculture and forestry, impact analysis, economic impactsThe effect that an event, policy change, or market trend will have on economic factors such as interest rates, consumer confidence, stock market activity, or unemployment. Events such as regulatory changes, supply shortages or natural disasters can have a significant economic impact due to the ..., climate change impacts on oceans and coastal zonesCoasts are projected to be exposed to increasing risks, including coastal erosion, due to climate change and sea level rise. The effect will be exacerbated by increasing human-induced pressures on coastal areas (very high confidence). {WGII 6.3, 6.4, SPM}; By the 2080s, many millions more people ..., costs of impacts, valuation of climate change impacts, marginal impacts of climate change

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