climate change opportunities

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Synonyms: climate change opportunity

The current situation is not only threatening, it also offers opportunities for the future if the right decision are made now. More self-sufficiency and more international support for developing countries could benefit many.

opportunities that arise from coping with climate change, especially in international development.

Related terms:
adaptation co-benefitsCo-benefits that come along with climate change adaptation projects., delivering adaptation actionsDelivering adaptation actions are actions that help to reduce vulnerability to climate risks, or to exploit opportunities. DAA involves taking practical actions to either reduce vulnerability to climate risks, or to exploit positive opportunities. (UKCIP), mitigation co-benefitsCo-benefits that come along with climate change mitigation projects, such as livelihood diversification, health benefits and rural electrification., sustainable marketsSustainable markets involves sustainable production, design and transport and offers consumers sustainable goods and services. It also involves fair working conditions for all involved in a process.

Broader terms:
sustainabilityIn order to survive, all life, including human life, depends either directly or indirectly on the natural environment. Sustainability is a principle where current requirements are met while the livelihoods of future generations are not threatened.

Narrower terms:
technological breakthroughs, empowerment

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