climate justice

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Synonyms: climate ethics, ecological justice, eco justice, ökologische Gerechtigkeit, Klimaethik, �kologische Gerechtigkeit

Climate justice in the sense that those who cause most of current climate change support those who will suffer most from it as they are non-identical.

Related terms:
climate risk transferRisk transfer is a necessary complement to prevention measures in the case of severe drought. Together, insurance and risk prevention form a cost-effective adaptation portfolio that addresses up to 80 percent of total expected losses. Yet, some residual loss (around 20 percent) remains that ..., international agreements, sustainable livelihoodsSustainable livelihood includes job opportunities that are of a non-invasive type, and exclude extensive felling, heavy fishery, mono-cultures and other activities than permanently harm the environment; it also includes an lifestyle that takes care of any gives assets, such as fresh water or ..., climate change as a threat to MDGSome impacts of climate change can have a direct effect on the achievement of the millennium development goals., energy justice, climate finance

Broader terms:
sustainable developmentThe concept of sustainable development was introduced in the World Conservation Strategy (IUCN 1980) and had its roots in the concept of a sustainable society and in the management of renewable resources. Adopted by the WCED in 1987 and by the Rio Conference in 1992 as a process of change in ...

Narrower terms:
Grievance Redress Mechanism, compensationFinancial compensation refers to the act of providing a person with money or other things of economic value in exchange for their goods, labor, or to provide for the costs of injuries that they have incurred.

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