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A projection of the response of the climate system to emission or concentration scenarios of greenhouse gases and aerosols, or radiative forcing scenarios, often based upon simulations by climate models. Climate projections are distinguished from climate predictions in order to emphasise that climate projections depend upon the emission/concentration/radiative forcing scenario used, which are based on assumptions concerning, for example, future socioeconomic and technological developments that may or may not be realised and are therefore subject to substantial uncertainty.(IPCC)

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climate modelsA mathematical presentation of climate based on physical, chemical, and biological properties., climate predictionsA climate prediction or climate forecast is the result of an attempt to produce an estimate of the actual evolution of the climate in the future, for example, at seasonal, interannual or long-term time scales. Since the future evolution of the climate system may be highly sensitive to initial ..., climate analysis, rain calendarsThe rain calendar is designed to gather community perceptions of rainfall patterns to determine good/bad years in terms of rainfall, and as a platform for discussion., global warming potentialAn index, based upon radiative properties of well mixed greenhouse gases, measuring the radiative forcing of a unit mass of a given well mixed greenhouse gas in today's atmosphere integrated over a chosen time horizon, relative to that of carbon dioxide. The GWP represents the combined effect ..., Global emission scenarios, SERVIRThe Climate Mapper makes the results of climate change models accessible to a broad user community. With the Climate Mapper, users can assess climate change projections for the 2030s and 2050s against 3D visualizations of landscape. This should enhance vulnerability assessments as development ..., climate risk managementRisk. A characteristic of a system or decision where the probabilities that certain states or outcomes have occurred or may occur are precisely known. Risk is a combination of the chance or probability of an event occurring, and the impact or consequence associated with that event. Decisions ...

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significant predictors

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