climate resilient development

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Synonyms: LRD

Implement a holistic climate risk strategy that overcomes barriers and launches fully funded key adaptation initiatives
'How can we reach our development targets while accounting for current and future risks?

Related terms:
low carbon development, Special Climate Change Fund, NAPAThe purpose of developing a National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) is to identify the urgent and immediate needs of a country to adapt to the present threats from climate change. Addressing these needs will expand the current coping range and enhance resilience in a way that will promote ..., adaptive capacityInherent capacity of a system or population to adjust to climate climate impacts or climate change, to moderate potential damages, exploit opportunities, and cope with the consequences. (UKCIP)The combination of the strengths, attributes, and resources available to an individual, community, ...

Broader terms:
climate compatible developmentClimate compatible development is development that minimises the harm caused by climate impacts, while maximising the many human development opportunities presented by transitions to a low emissions, resilient future. Charting a path towards climate compatible development will be a major ..., UNFCCC Convention TrackAgreement on a coordinated and clear two-year timetable and detailed work program for both the UNFCCC ('Convention track') and the Kyoto Protocol ('Kyoto track'), meant to lead to an agreement at the UN meetings in Copenhagen at the end of 2009.

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