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Synonyms: Climate Risk, climate change risks, risques liés aux changements climatiques, riesgos de cambio climático, riscos das mudanças climáticas, riesgos de los cambios en el clima, risques li�s aux changements climatiques, riesgos de cambio clim�tico, riscos das mudan�as clim�ticas

All risks associated with the impacts of global warming, such as rising sea levels and unusual rain patterns and additional risks to infrastructure due to climate change.
Critical human impacts of climate change arise through impacts on human habitat (for example, desertification, temperature increases, floods), on food security, health, poverty, water scarcity, displacement, and security.
Economic losses from climate change are already substantial and on the rise. Over half of the world's population is presently threatened by natural hazards, and insured losses from weather-related disasters have jumped from USD 5.1 billion (GBP 3.4 billion) per year in the period between 1970 and 1989 to USD 27 billion (GBP 17.7 billion) annually over the last two decades. In Europe alone, losses from surge events along the North Sea coast are expected to more than quadruple from an annual average of EUR 600 million (GBP 530 billion) to EUR 2.6 billion (GBP 2.3 billion) towards the end of this century. But the most vulnerable and least prepared regions are in the developing world. Climate risks could cost emerging economies up to 19 percent of their total gross domestic product by 2030, predicts the Economics of Climate Adaptation (ECA) working group in its 2009 study 'Shaping Climate-Resilient Development. (

Risks associated with the impacts of climate change.

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climate changeClimate change is a lasting change in weather patterns over long periods of time. It can be a natural phenomena and and has occurred on Earth even before people inhabited it. Quite different is a current situation that is also referred to as climate change, anthropogenic climate change, or ..., direct impacts of climate changeOne of the most easily imagined impacts of global warming is an increase in the number and severity of heat waves. Heat stress is a well-known danger during prolonged bouts of hot weather, especially in cities, which tend to trap heat. Rising sea levels, another expected consequence of global ..., indirect impacts of climate changeClimate change will likely raise the already considerable toll of infectious diseases worldwide. This impact is likely to occur because factors such as temperature and rainfall can affect the abundance and distribution of disease vectors or disease-causing microbes, as well as the vulnerability ..., climate change impacts Africa, climate change impacts Asia, climate change impacts Latin America, climate change impacts Small Islands States, risks, constraints and assumptions, risk management

Broader terms:
climate knowledgeClimate is typically defined as the average weather (or more rigorously a statistical description of the average in terms of the mean and variability) over a period of time, usually 30 years. These quantities are most often surface variables such as temperature, precipitation, and wind. Climate ...

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runaway climate change, climate risk transferRisk transfer is a necessary complement to prevention measures in the case of severe drought. Together, insurance and risk prevention form a cost-effective adaptation portfolio that addresses up to 80 percent of total expected losses. Yet, some residual loss (around 20 percent) remains that ..., natural disasters, climate vulnerability, climate risk index, climate risk managementRisk. A characteristic of a system or decision where the probabilities that certain states or outcomes have occurred or may occur are precisely known. Risk is a combination of the chance or probability of an event occurring, and the impact or consequence associated with that event. Decisions ...

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