climate variability

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Synonyms: climate uncertainity, Klimaschwankung, Klimaveränderlichkeit, Klimaver�nderlichkeit

Climate variability refers to variations in the mean state and other statistics (such as standard deviations, statistics of extremes, etc.) of the climate on all temporal and spatial scales beyond that of individual weather events. Variability may be due to natural internal processes within the climate system (internal variability), or to variations in natural or anthropogenic external forcing (external variability).(IPCC)

Related terms:
natural risk analysis, climate modelsA mathematical presentation of climate based on physical, chemical, and biological properties., climate data records, decision-making, climate change scenarios, trends in climate change, dynamic climate models

Broader terms:
climatology, reliable climate information

Narrower terms:
climate stimuliClimate change stimuli are described in terms of changes in mean climate and climatic hazards, and adaptation may be warranted when either of these changes has significant consequences (Downing et al., 1997)., climatological variables, internal variabilitiesInternal variability describes climate variability due to natural internal processes within the climate system., external variabilitiesExternal variability is climate variability due to variations in natural or anthropogenic external forcing., adaptation to variability

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