decentralized power plants

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Synonyms: distributed power plants, on-site generation power plants, centrales de production sur site, fábricas de energia de geração no local, centrales eléctricas de generación in situ, f�bricas de energia de gera��o no local, centrales el�ctricas de generaci�n in situ

Decentralized signifies that the energy is being generated close to it where it is used, contrary to power plants that are usually built far away from where their energy is needed due environmental and technical reasons. Decentralized energy can be fed into the grid to support it or remain off-grid and become an alternative to it. Energy generation methods include microhydropower, small wind power, fuel cells or micro turbines.

Related terms:
rural electrification, independent power producer, distributed energy resources

Broader terms:
decentralized energy

Narrower terms:
independent power producer

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