economics of adaptation

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Synonyms: économie de l'adaptation au changement climatique, économie de l'adaptation aux changements climatiques, economía de la adaptación, economics of adaptation to climate change / CCA, �conomie de l'adaptation au changement climatique, �conomie de l'adaptation aux changements climatiques, econom�a de la adaptaci�n

Related terms:
economic development

Broader terms:
climate change adaptationAdjustments in human and natural systems, in response to actual or expected climate stimuli or their effects, that moderate harm or exploit beneficial opportunities. (IPPC)

Narrower terms:
economic analysisA systematic approach to determining the optimum use of scarce resources, involving comparison of two or more alternatives in achieving a specific objective under the given assumptions and constraints. Economic analysis takes into account the opportunity costs of resources employed and attempts ..., socioeconomic analysis, adaptation costsCosts of planning, preparing for, facilitating, and implementing adaptation measures, including transition costs (UNFCCC, 2014)

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