ecosystem-based adaptation

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Synonyms: EBA, auf Ökosystem basierende Anpassung, auf �kosystem basierende Anpassung

Related terms:
REDDIt is expected that support for REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) should achieve cost effective emission reductions, as well as biodiversity and livelihoods benefits., adaptive capacityInherent capacity of a system or population to adjust to climate climate impacts or climate change, to moderate potential damages, exploit opportunities, and cope with the consequences. (UKCIP)The combination of the strengths, attributes, and resources available to an individual, community, ..., afforestationThe establishment of a forest by artificial methods, by planting or seeding on land where trees have not historically grown (at least not for 50 years). Planting of new forests on lands that have not contained forests before, originally for hunting.

Linked data frontend for ecosystem-based adaptation.

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