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Synonyms: scénario d'émissions, escenario de emisiones, cenário de emissões, representación posible de emisiones, sc�nario d'�missions, representaci�n posible de emisiones, cen�rio de emiss�es

A plausible representation of the future development of emissions of substances that are potentially radiatively active (e.g., greenhouse gases, aerosols), based on a coherent and internally consistent set of assumptions about driving forces (such as demographic and socioeconomic development, technological change) and their key relationships. Concentration scenarios, derived from emission scenarios, are used as input to a climate model to compute climate projections. In IPCC (1992) a set of emission scenarios was presented which were used as a basis for the climate projections in IPCC (1996). These emission scenarios are referred to as the IS92 scenarios. In the IPCC Special Report on Emission Scenarios (Nakic4enovic4 and Swart, 2000) new emission scenarios, the so-called SRES scenarios, were published. (IPCC)

Related terms:
climate predictionsA climate prediction or climate forecast is the result of an attempt to produce an estimate of the actual evolution of the climate in the future, for example, at seasonal, interannual or long-term time scales. Since the future evolution of the climate system may be highly sensitive to initial ..., greenhouse gas emissionsGreenhouse gas emissions cause dangerous anthropogenic climate change. Emissions include CO2, fluoridated gases, methane which are emitted by human activity such as deforestation and burning fossil fuels, and water vapour.

Broader terms:
emissionsEmissions of greenhouse gases, greenhouse gas precursors, and aerosols associated with human activities, including the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, land-use changes, livestock, fertilisation, etc. (IPCC), uncertaintyUncertainty is a fact of climate change research, and includes the physical science like climate projections as well as the impacts of climate change. To communicate this range of possibilities is part of providing responsible climate information., life cycle improvement optionsOptions are instruments that convey the rights, but not the obligation to engage in a future transaction on an underlying security or in a future contract. Life cycle improvement options are within the context of the options in improving the life cycle of a system or emissions within a system ...

Narrower terms:
Global emission scenarios, emission paths, emission futures, world industrial energy projections

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