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Synonyms: Befähigung, Stärkung, Bef�higung, St�rkung

Empowerment through climate adaptation and mitigation projects.

Related terms:
build-operate-transfer, climate change awareness, building adaptive capacityBuilding adaptive capacity includes creating the information (research, data collecting and monitoring, awareness raising), supportive social structures (organisational development, working in partnership, institutions), and supportive governance (regulations, legislations, and guidance) that ..., knowledge transfer, energy accessEnergy access represents a crucial yet often overlooked dimension to the issue of poverty. Relatively small amounts of energy can satisfy the basic needs of rural populations and have a dramatic impact on quality of life. Despite this, approximately 3 billion people , half the worlds population, ..., climate change education, sustainable livelihoods approachesCore to livelihoods approaches are a set of principles that underpin best practice in any development intervention: *People-centred *Responsive and participatory *Multi-level *Conducted in partnership * Sustainable *Dynamic, MDG 2: universal primary educationMore children will have to contribute towards their families' livelihood and not attend school. Infrastructure will be destroyed due to increased freak weather events., MDG 3: gender equalityWomen and children are particularly vulnerable to extreme weather events are most likely to be affected strongest by all impact of climate change, for example women who traditionally are responsible for fetching water., MDG 8: global partnership for developmentInvestment for adaptation, humanitarian assistance and development are need to much greater extend., technology transferThe exchange of knowledge, hardware and associated software, money and goods among stakeholders that leads to the spreading of technology for adaptation or mitigation The term encompasses both diffusion of technologies and technological cooperation across and within countries. (IPCC)

Broader terms:
climate change opportunitiesThe current situation is not only threatening, it also offers opportunities for the future if the right decision are made now. More self-sufficiency and more international support for developing countries could benefit many.

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