energy efficiency

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Using less energy/electricity to perform the same function. Programs designed to use electricity more efficiently - doing the same with less.

Related terms:
climate change mitigationMitigation refers to actions that reduce our contribution to the causes of climate change. This means reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), through energy efficiency and using alternative forms of transport and energy.(UKCIP), efficient energy use, no regrets optionsTechnology for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions whose other benefits (in terms of efficiency or reduced energy costs) are so extensive that the investment is worth it for those reasons alone. For example, combined-cycle gas turbines -- in which the heat from the burning fuel drives steam ..., green technologyTechnological concepts that support the transition to a low-carbon economy are sometimes called 'green technologies'., demand-side managementDemand side management focuses on the idea that whatever doesn’t have to be use at peak times (morning and evening highs) should be programmed to run at a later time (a washing machine). This would reduce peak loads often supplied by peak load boilers running on more expensive and less ...

Broader terms:
low carbon development

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