industrial energy demand

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Synonyms: demanda de energia, TPED, demand of energy, total primary demand of energy, total energy demand, demande totale d'énergie primaire, demande totale d'énergie, demanda de energía principal total, demanda energética, demanda energética total, demanda total de energia primária, demande totale d'�nergie primaire, demande totale d'�nergie, demanda de energ�a principal total, demanda energ�tica, demanda energ�tica total, demanda total de energia prim�ria

The requirement for energy as an input to provide products and/or services. (EIA, 2014) Total Primarey Energy Demand (TPED represents domestic demand only and is broken down into power generation, other energy sector and total final consumption (IEA, 2012).

EIA, 2014; IEA, 2012

Broader terms:
industrial energy use

Narrower terms:
industrial energy efficiencyReducing the amount of energy used for a given service or level of activity in order to produce the same level of end-use service. Energy efficiency improvements are predominantly achieved through using technologically more advanced equipment. For example, using compact fluorescent light globes ...

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