climate change adaptation

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Synonyms: adaptation, adaptation to global warming, CCA, Adaption an den Klimawandel, ACC, adaptação ao aquecimento global, adaptation to climate change, adaptation aux changements climatiques, s'adapter aux changements climatiques, adapta��o ao aquecimento global

Adjustments in human and natural systems, in response to actual or expected climate stimuli or their effects, that moderate harm or exploit beneficial opportunities. (IPPC)

Related terms:
climate change impactsConsequences of climate and climate change on natural and human systems. (IIED)A specific change in a system caused by its exposure to climate change. Impacts may be harmful (threat) or beneficial (opportunity). (UKCIP), climate changeClimate change is a lasting change in weather patterns over long periods of time. It can be a natural phenomena and and has occurred on Earth even before people inhabited it. Quite different is a current situation that is also referred to as climate change, anthropogenic climate change, or ..., adaptation financeFinancial assistance given to a country, community or individual for an explicit climate adaptation project., climate compatible developmentClimate compatible development is development that minimises the harm caused by climate impacts, while maximising the many human development opportunities presented by transitions to a low emissions, resilient future. Charting a path towards climate compatible development will be a major ...

Narrower terms:
earth’s integrity, climate change adaptation interventions, economics of adaptation

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