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Synonyms: mitigation, global warming mitigation, CCM, Eindämmung des Klimawandels, Abschwächung des Klimawandels, atténuation, mitigação do aquecimento global, mitigación del cambio climático, MCC, Eind�mmung des Klimawandels, Abschw�chung des Klimawandels, att�nuation, mitiga��o do aquecimento global, mitigaci�n del cambio clim�tico

Mitigation refers to actions that reduce our contribution to the causes of climate change. This means reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), through energy efficiency and using alternative forms of transport and energy.(UKCIP)

Related terms:
sustainabilityIn order to survive, all life, including human life, depends either directly or indirectly on the natural environment. Sustainability is a principle where current requirements are met while the livelihoods of future generations are not threatened., climate changeClimate change is a lasting change in weather patterns over long periods of time. It can be a natural phenomena and and has occurred on Earth even before people inhabited it. Quite different is a current situation that is also referred to as climate change, anthropogenic climate change, or ..., energy efficiencyUsing less energy/electricity to perform the same function. Programs designed to use electricity more efficiently - doing the same with less., anthropogenic climate changeHuman activities are adding greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, to the atmosphere, which are enhancing the natural greenhouse effect. While the natural greenhouse effect is keeping average temperature on earth at about +15°C, this enhanced greenhouse effect ..., low carbon development, clean energies, climate compatible developmentClimate compatible development is development that minimises the harm caused by climate impacts, while maximising the many human development opportunities presented by transitions to a low emissions, resilient future. Charting a path towards climate compatible development will be a major ..., climate protection

Narrower terms:
carbon offsetting systems, sustainable energy regulation, economics of mitigation, GHG emissions in industryGreenhouse gases emitted during industrial production, split into two categories: direct emissions that are produced at the facility, and indirect emissions that occur off site, but are associated with the facility's use of energy (EPA, 2014); Industry includes fuel used within the manufacturing ...

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