land-use, land-use change and forestry

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Synonyms: LULUCF

Related terms:
REDDIt is expected that support for REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) should achieve cost effective emission reductions, as well as biodiversity and livelihoods benefits., unclear process on land-use, climate change adaptation interventions, reducing emissions from all land uses, land-useLand use refers to the total of arrangements, activities, and inputs undertaken in a certain land cover type (a set of human actions). The term land use is also used in the sense of the social and economic purposes for which land is managed (e.g., grazing, timber extraction, and conservation). ..., drivers of deforestation, AFOLU, land-use and land-cover change

Broader terms:
carbon capture and storageA process consisting of separation of carbon dioxide from industrial and energy-related sources, transport to a storage location, and long-term isolation from the atmosphere. (IPCC)An integrated process in which CO2 is separated from a mixture of gases (e.g. the fl ue gases from a power station ..., sustainability indicators

Narrower terms:
afforestationThe establishment of a forest by artificial methods, by planting or seeding on land where trees have not historically grown (at least not for 50 years). Planting of new forests on lands that have not contained forests before, originally for hunting., reforestation, revegetation, soil management, peatland, conversion to forest land

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