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A clear framework, agreed among the key stakeholders at the end of the planning stage, is essential in order to carry out monitoring and evaluation systematically. (UNDP)

Related terms:
results-based managementResults based management (RBM) is a management strategy focusing on performance and achievement of outputs, outcomes and impacts. (Glossary Monitoring and Evaluation Terms; MERG Monitoring & Evaluation Reference Group and UNAIDS)

Broader terms:
monitoring and evaluationM&E is the process by which data are collected and analyzed in order to provide information to policy makers and others for use in program planning and project management. Monitoring focuses on the implementation process and progress towards the achievement of program objectives. Evaluation ...

Narrower terms:
narrative componentsThis describes how the partners will undertake monitoring and evaluation and the accountabilities assigned to different individuals and agencies. For example, at the UNDAF or national result level, it is necessary to engage with national monitoring committees or outcome level groups (e.g. sector ..., planning matrices for monitoring and evaluationThese are strategic and consolidate the information required for monitoring and evaluation for easy reference. (UNDP)

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