monitoring and evaluation

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Synonyms: M&E, monitoreo y evaluación, monitoreo y prueba, suivi et évaluation, monitoreo y evaluaci�n, suivi et �valuation

M&E is the process by which data are collected and analyzed in order to provide information to policy makers and others for use in program planning and project management. Monitoring focuses on the implementation process and progress towards the achievement of program objectives. Evaluation measures how well the program activities have met expected objectives and/or the extent to which changes in outcomes can be attributed to the program. This process should happen throughout the life of a project, not just at the end. (Wikipedia)

Narrower terms:
adaptation monitoring and evaluationIn the context of adaptation to climate change, effectiveness, equity and efficiency of adaptation interventions is of great importance. M&E is essential to ensure that the prospective benefits of interventions are being released and to help improve the design of future interventions., Multi-Year Planning, Management and Funding FrameworkThe UNIFEM Multi-Year Funding Framework (MYFF) provides strategic policy and management direction for UNIFEM to increase development effectiveness, strengthen strategic partnerships and mobilize resources from 2004 to 2007. (UN), M&E frameworksA clear framework, agreed among the key stakeholders at the end of the planning stage, is essential in order to carry out monitoring and evaluation systematically. (UNDP), general M&E concepts

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