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Synonyms: no regrets activities, nenhuma opção de arrependimento, nenhuma op��o de arrependimento

Technology for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions whose other benefits (in terms of efficiency or reduced energy costs) are so extensive that the investment is worth it for those reasons alone. For example, combined-cycle gas turbines -- in which the heat from the burning fuel drives steam turbines while the thermal expansion of the exhaust gases drives gas turbines -- may boost the efficiency of electricity generating plants by 70 per cent. (UNFCCC)
Adaptation measures that would be justified under all plausible future scenarios, including the absence of climate change impacts such as floods or droughts (UNFCCC, 2014

Related terms:
energy efficiencyUsing less energy/electricity to perform the same function. Programs designed to use electricity more efficiently - doing the same with less., adaptation co-benefitsCo-benefits that come along with climate change adaptation projects., mitigation co-benefitsCo-benefits that come along with climate change mitigation projects, such as livelihood diversification, health benefits and rural electrification.

Broader terms:
identification of adaptation measures

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