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A participatory approach is one where every stakeholder of an intervention is involved personally or by representation.This includes for example beneficiaries, community officials,civil society and citizens, people from involved agencies, schools, women.

Related terms:
MDG 3: gender equalityWomen and children are particularly vulnerable to extreme weather events are most likely to be affected strongest by all impact of climate change, for example women who traditionally are responsible for fetching water., stakeholder engagement, project beneficiariesBeneficiaries are the the individuals, groups, or organizations, whether targeted or not, that benefit directly or indirectly, from the intervention. (Glossary Monitoring and Evaluation Terms; MERG Monitoring & Evaluation Reference Group and UNAIDS)

Broader terms:
adaptation monitoring and evaluationIn the context of adaptation to climate change, effectiveness, equity and efficiency of adaptation interventions is of great importance. M&E is essential to ensure that the prospective benefits of interventions are being released and to help improve the design of future interventions.

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