program preparation & appraisal phase

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Synonyms: project preparation & appraisal phase, intervention preparation & appraisal phase

Broader terms:
adaptation monitoring and evaluationIn the context of adaptation to climate change, effectiveness, equity and efficiency of adaptation interventions is of great importance. M&E is essential to ensure that the prospective benefits of interventions are being released and to help improve the design of future interventions.

Narrower terms:
reach relevance, project appraisals, project performancePerformance is the degree to which an intervention or organization operates according to specific criteria/standards/guidelines or achieves results in accordance with stated goals or plans. (Glossary Monitoring and Evaluation Terms; MERG Monitoring & Evaluation Reference Group and UNAIDS), project success, project fungibility, project process evaluationsProcess evaluation is a type of evaluation that focuses on program/intervention implementation, including, but not limited to access to services, whether services reach the intended population, how services are delivered, client satisfaction and perceptions about needs and services, management ...

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