program preparation stage

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Synonyms: project preparation stage, intervention preparation stage

Related terms:
formulation stage for adaptation projects

Broader terms:
adaptation monitoring and evaluationIn the context of adaptation to climate change, effectiveness, equity and efficiency of adaptation interventions is of great importance. M&E is essential to ensure that the prospective benefits of interventions are being released and to help improve the design of future interventions.

Narrower terms:
risks, constraints and assumptions, human capacity, stakeholder engagement, project baselinesBaseline is the status of services and outcome-related measures such as knowledge, attitudes, norms, behaviors, and conditions before an intervention, against which progress can be assessed or comparisons made. (Glossary Monitoring and Evaluation Terms; MERG Monitoring & Evaluation Reference ..., project indicators, project steering committees, planning for results, project targets, Theory of Change, inception reports, problem tree, project mechanisms

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