quantitative data

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Synonyms: información cuantitativa, informaci�n cuantitativa

Data that can be quantified and verified, and is amenable to statistical manipulation. Quantitative data defines whereas qualitative data describes.


Related terms:
hydrological datadata from the cycle in which water evaporates from the oceans and the land surface, is carried over the Earth in atmospheric circulation as water vapor, condenses to form clouds, precipitates again as rain or snow, is intercepted by trees and vegetation, provides runoff on the land surface, ..., climatological data

Broader terms:
Economic dataEconomic data or economic statistics may refer to data (quantitative measures) describing an actual economy, past or present. These are typically found in time-series form, that is, covering more than one time period (say the monthly unemployment rate for the last five years) or in ...

Narrower terms:
agronomic dataData concerned with the application of the various soil and plant sciences to soil management and crop production, cross sectional dataCross-sectional data, or a cross section of a study population, in statistics and econometrics is a type of one-dimensional data set. Cross-sectional data refers to data collected by observing many subjects (such as individuals, firms or countries/regions) at the same point of time, or without ...

Linked data frontend for quantitative data.

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