reliable climate information

The following information is based on the Climate Thesaurus which is powering the Climate Tagger.

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Synonyms: reliable information

Related terms:
interpreting climate change, managing uncertainty of climate change

Broader terms:
climate services

Narrower terms:
climate variabilityClimate variability refers to variations in the mean state and other statistics (such as standard deviations, statistics of extremes, etc.) of the climate on all temporal and spatial scales beyond that of individual weather events. Variability may be due to natural internal processes within the ..., climate predictability, uncertaintyUncertainty is a fact of climate change research, and includes the physical science like climate projections as well as the impacts of climate change. To communicate this range of possibilities is part of providing responsible climate information., climate variationsClimate variation depends on factors like GHG pollution, percent of water vapour in the air, distance from the sun, changes of the percentage of different gases in the atmosphere. These are natural climate variations as well as antrophongenic climate variations.

Linked data frontend for reliable climate information.

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