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Synonyms: renewables, alternative energies, renewable energy systems, alternative power, non-conventional energies, unconventional energies, regenerative Energie, alternative Energie, énergies alternatives, énergie alternative, énergies non conventionnelles, sistemas de energia renovável, energia alternativa, energia não-convencionais, energías alternativas, sistemas de energías renovables, energía alternativa, energías no convencionales, energías no tradicionales, systèmes d'énergie renouvelable, �nergies alternatives, �nergie alternative, �nergies non conventionnelles, sistemas de energia renov�vel, energia n�o-convencionais, energ�as alternativas, sistemas de energ�as renovables, energ�a alternativa, energ�as no convencionales, energ�as no tradicionales, syst�mes d'�nergie renouvelable

Renewable energy is power generated from infinite sources, such as wind or solar power. Conventional energy is generated from finite sources, such as natural gas or fossil oil.

Related terms:
sustainabilityIn order to survive, all life, including human life, depends either directly or indirectly on the natural environment. Sustainability is a principle where current requirements are met while the livelihoods of future generations are not threatened., conventional energyConventional energy is contributing to climate change through emission of greenhouse gases. It includes all types of fossil energy., energy

Broader terms:
clean energies

Narrower terms:
soft energies

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