smart metering devices

The following information is based on the Climate Thesaurus which is powering the Climate Tagger.

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Broader terms:
smart grids

Narrower terms:
controllable and regulating inverters, renewable energy forecasting tools, remote fault indicators, phasor measurement units, microgrid controllers, automated capacitors, automated voltage regulators, direct load control devices, load control devices, smart metersSmart meters are digital devices which transmit information about electricity consumption and production (feed-in of renewable energy) to the utility provider. Smart meters offer a range of modern applications and allow the end-user to take advantage of dynamic prices and off-peak rebates., smart relays, equipment condition monitors, automated distribution circuit switches, advanced interrupting switches, fault current limiters, phasor data concentrators, programmable communicating thermostats, remote service switches, acoustic televiewers, pseudo-tie

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