solar cooling

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Solar power can be used for air conditioning but also for refrigerators.

Related terms:
adsorption, absorption, polygenerationPolygeneration is an integrated process with three or more energy outputs., solar architectureSolar architecture makes use of the benefits of sunlight through clever construction designs, like well-placed and sized windows and appropriate shades., geothermal cooling modes

Broader terms:
solar thermalAims at transferring the radiation from the sun to thermal energy. Usually to warm up water.

Narrower terms:
absorption refrigeratorsAbsorption refrigerators use heat instead of electricity as a source of energy., solar air conditioningAlso known as solar air conditioning. This can be done by using desiccants, by using a passive form of cooling where solar power does not directly cool down an environment, by employing a heat absorption pump or by using the electricity of PV cells to operate conventional air-conditioners., solar space cooling

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