solar radiation

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Synonyms: solare Strahlung, Sonnenstrahlung

Solar radiant energy impinging on the earth in any given region or area.

Related terms:
albedo feedbackClimate feedback involving changes in the Earth’s albedo. It usually refers to changes in the cryosphere which has an albedo much larger (~0.8) than the average planetary albedo (~0.3). In a warming climate, it is anticipated that the cryosphere would shrink, the Earth’s overall albedo ...

Broader terms:
solar data, source of solar thermal energy, source of photovoltaic energy

Narrower terms:
ultraviolet radiation, average solar radiationThe yearly average at a certain place over a certain period of time, for example in Central Europe the average radiation is 1000 W per square meter., solar coverage, duration of sunshine, cloudiness, short-wave radiation

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