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Synonyms: LFFE, green economy, low-carbon economy, low-fossil-fuel economy, LCE, grüne Wirtschaft, umweltfreundliche Wirtschaft, umweltverträgliche Wirtschaft, emissionsarme Wirtschaft, économie à faibles émissions de carbone, économie verte, economia verde, economia de baixo carbono, economia de combustível fóssil baixo, economía ecológica, economía de bajo carbono, economía de bajo combustible fósil, EBC, gr�ne Wirtschaft, umweltvertr�gliche Wirtschaft, �conomie � faibles �missions de carbone, �conomie verte, economia de combust�vel f�ssil baixo, econom�a ecol�gica, econom�a de bajo carbono, econom�a de bajo combustible f�sil

A green economy is a economy or economic development model based on sustainable development and a knowledge of ecological economics

Related terms:
mitigation economic potentialEconomic potential is the mitigation potential that takes into account social costs and benefits and social discount rates, assuming that market efficiency is improved by policies and measures and barriers are removed. Social costs and discount rates reflect the perspective of society. Social ..., limits to growth, barriers to sustainabilityAny obstacle to reaching a goal, adaptation or mitigation potential that can be overcome or attenuated by a policy, programme, or measure. Barrier removal includes correcting market failures directly or reducing the transactions costs in the public and private sectors by e.g. improving ..., sustainable productionThe production of goods in a sustainable way, for example in forestry only using the annual increment and thereby not reducing the size of the forest. Also an important concept in agriculture., GDP per unit of energy useEnergy intensity is usually measured as GDP per unit of energy use, and thus describes how much energy an economy needs to produce economic value. Ideally, economic growth is decoupled from energy consumption., carbon taxA carbon tax is a levy on the carbon content of fossil fuels. Because virtually all of the carbon in fossil fuels is ultimately emitted as carbon dioxide, a carbon tax is equivalent to an emission tax on each unit of CO2- equivalent emissions. An energy tax - a levy on the energy content of ..., sustainable consumption

Broader terms:
sustainable marketsSustainable markets involves sustainable production, design and transport and offers consumers sustainable goods and services. It also involves fair working conditions for all involved in a process., economic dimension of Green Growth

Narrower terms:
green technologyTechnological concepts that support the transition to a low-carbon economy are sometimes called 'green technologies'., sustainable job creationSustainable jobs are of a non-invasive type, and exclude extensive felling, heavy fishery, mono-cultures and other activities than permanently harm the environment., corporate social responsibility

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