sustainable energy regulation

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Synonyms: normativa energ�tica sustentable, normas sobre energ�a sustentable, normativa energética sustentable, normas sobre energía sustentable

Related terms:
Regulations and Standards

Broader terms:
climate change mitigationMitigation refers to actions that reduce our contribution to the causes of climate change. This means reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), through energy efficiency and using alternative forms of transport and energy.(UKCIP)

Narrower terms:
active networksDistribution networks traditionally are passively managed. Active management enables generators and customers to connect more easily; allow greater interaction between utilities and customers and provide incentives to consumers and generators to act more efficiently both in the short and ..., abuse of dominanceThe action of a company to take advantage of a position of market strength so that it cannot be effectively challenged though competition. This relates to monopolisation and acts to reduce welfare within the market, driving up costs to the consumer., average electricity tariffsThe average price paid by consumers over the course of one year. It is significant in that it will often be the base for the setting of tariffs paid under Tariff Mechanisms. SERN, 2010, balancingThat is, balancing of supply and load (or demand) for electricity. SERN, 2010, black certificatesSometimes used to refer to greenhouse gas reductions. SERN, 2010, connection chargingThe charges associated with connecting a generator to the distribution or transmission network. These charges can be deep, wherein the generator must pay all costs of connection and reinforcement of the network to enable their connection, or they may be shallow, wherein the generator pays the ..., Consumer Price Index, contestable marketsA contestable market is one where the barriers to entry are low. Thus a perfectly contestable market would have no barriers. Barriers can include anything which acts to protect the industry incumbent from new entrants and can stem from institutional or regulatory arrangements relating to ..., corporatisationThe act of transferring a state-owned utility or body into a limited liability corporate agent. The state tends to maintain ownership of the agent. The process is often the precursor to privatisation. SERN, 2010, declared net capacityA modifying factor applied to the plate (theoretical) capacity of an intermittent renewable energy generator to establish the realistic output. In broad terms, the dnc is the equivalent capacity of baseload plant that would produce the same average annual energy output as the renewable energy ..., legal and regulatory risks

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