sustainable production

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Synonyms: nachhaltige Erzeugung

The production of goods in a sustainable way, for example in forestry only using the annual increment and thereby not reducing the size of the forest. Also an important concept in agriculture.

Related terms:
sustainable economiesA green economy is a economy or economic development model based on sustainable development and a knowledge of ecological economics, green jobsA job that preserves or restores environmental quality.

Broader terms:
sustainable marketsSustainable markets involves sustainable production, design and transport and offers consumers sustainable goods and services. It also involves fair working conditions for all involved in a process.

Narrower terms:
energy input labelingsLabels help consumers make choices in regard to the climate impacts of the products they buy.Clear, easy-to-understand labeling of household applications such as washing machines and other goods is thought to empower consumers to choose low carbon products. This regards the production of a ..., sustainable job creationSustainable jobs are of a non-invasive type, and exclude extensive felling, heavy fishery, mono-cultures and other activities than permanently harm the environment., sustainable designs

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