thermal power stations

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Synonyms: thermal power plant

Related terms:
fossil energyEnergy from fossil sources, such as natural gas and oil. This type of energy contributes to climate change and because of its finite nature it is not a permanent resource., thermal efficiency ratio, biomass combustionCombustion is an exothermic reaction acting upon exposure energy in the form of heat energy and light. Besides, carbon and oxygen react to carbon dioxide and water steam., physical-chemical conversions, co-incinerationsDescribes the firing of different types of waste.

Broader terms:
heat engines

Narrower terms:
thermo-electric powerThermo-electric power is generated by a heat engine; this is usually a turbine driven by steam which is connected to a generator. The combustion of fossil fuels supplies most of the heat to these engines, with a significant fraction from nuclear fission and some from renewable sources., heat demand

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