vulnerability assessments

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Synonyms: vulnerability analysis, evaluación de vulnerabilidad, estimación de vulnerabilidad, análise de vulnerabilidade, evaluaci�n de vulnerabilidad, estimaci�n de vulnerabilidad, an�lise de vulnerabilidade, analyse de la vuln�rabilit� edit delete, analyse de la vulnérabilité edit delete

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing (or ranking) the vulnerabilities in a system. Examples of systems for which vulnerability assessments are performed include, but are not limited to, information technology systems, energy supply systems, water supply systems, transportation systems, and communication systems. Such assessments may be conducted on behalf of a range of different organizations, from small businesses up to large regional infrastructures. Vulnerability from the perspective of disaster management means assessing the threats from potential hazards to the population and to infrastructure. It may be conducted in the political, social, economic or environmental fields. (Wikipedia)

Related terms:
climate risk assessmentsClimate risk assessments are a methodology to determine the nature and extent of risk by analyzing potential hazards and evaluating existing conditions of vulnerability that could pose a potential threat or harm to people, property, livelihoods and the environment on which they depend (UNISDR, ..., freshwater availability, climate vulnerability, energy accessEnergy access represents a crucial yet often overlooked dimension to the issue of poverty. Relatively small amounts of energy can satisfy the basic needs of rural populations and have a dramatic impact on quality of life. Despite this, approximately 3 billion people , half the worlds population, ..., livelihood assetsLivelihood assets are the means onto which the livelihood of a community depends., assessments, SERVIRThe Climate Mapper makes the results of climate change models accessible to a broad user community. With the Climate Mapper, users can assess climate change projections for the 2030s and 2050s against 3D visualizations of landscape. This should enhance vulnerability assessments as development ...

Broader terms:
disaster risk reductionDenotes both a policy goal or objective, and the strategic and instrumental measures employed for anticipating future disaster risk; reducing existing exposure, hazard, or vulnerability; and improving resilience (IPCC-SREX, 2014).Reduction of the likelihood over a specified time period of severe ..., climate risk managementRisk. A characteristic of a system or decision where the probabilities that certain states or outcomes have occurred or may occur are precisely known. Risk is a combination of the chance or probability of an event occurring, and the impact or consequence associated with that event. Decisions ...

Narrower terms:
vulnerability index, water stress index

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